Features & Benefits
For Employers
PlaneJobs.com is designed to give aviation industry employers and their recruiters flexibility and value. Key site features are:
  •     Free site access for job seekers
  •     No user name or password needed by job seekers
  •     Fast, 2-click access to every job posting
  •     Instant web site postings
  •     Resume searching by Job Category
  •     Unlimited resume searching by 5 users (more can be added)
  • These key features provide employers and their recruiters with the following benefits:
  •     Access to active & passive industry job seekers
  •     Anonymous job posting access by passive job seekers
  •     Fast and simple job postings searching
  •     Total duration flexibility, no minimum time requirements
  •     Jobs posted immediately when entered
  •     Simple access to all resumes in each Job Category
  •     Resume searching capability for all recruiters
  •     Easy one-time job postings for infrequent users

  • For Job Seekers
    PlaneJobs.com is specifically designed to appeal to the active or passive job seeker. Some of the features generating this job seeker appeal are:
  •     Free access to job postings and free resume posting
  •     No user names or passwords to remember
  •     Fast 2-click access to job postings
  •     Job seeker controlled confidentiality options
  •     Personal resume ads™
  •     No time limits on resume postings if updated regularly
  • These key features provide job seekers with the following benefits:
  •     Free and anonymous access to all job postings
  •     Use anytime, anywhere with no user name or password
  •     Fast loading of job postings in your area of interest
  •     Multiple confidentiality options to protect your identity
  •     Personal resume ads™ to bring recruiters to your resume
  •     Recruiters can see the "fresh" resumes first

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